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The Durand Chronicles


The Durand Family is rich, powerful, famous and psychic. Their extraordinary abilities are genetic, enhanced by training and the Source energy in Paris which the head of the family, Adrien Durand, both controls and guards.


Each of the Durand cousins has his or her own special talents which they use in the ancient war against a soulless enemy obsessed with creating worldwide terror and violence.


And along the way, they meet their perfect mates.



Shadows in the Deep - Book 1 –  Lex Durand and Bodie Flynn –                                                            Enemies to Lovers, Brother’s Enemy

Mind Shadows – Book 2 – Adrien Durand and Tate Fulbright –                                                     Billionaire Alpha Hero, Forced Proximity

Shadows of the Past – Book 3 – Chantal Durand and Tanner Hays –                                                     Enemies to Lovers, Forced Proximity,                                                   Second Chance

Hidden in Shadows – Book 4 – Victor Durand and Marie Robichaud –                                                  Opposites Attract

Shadows and Light – Book 5 – Mark Durand and Lily Powell –                                                            Billionaire Alpha Hero, Age Gap,                                                          Forbidden love   

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