Brand New! Coming January 25, 2020

Marie Robichaud is a card shark with psychic abilities and a shady past. She’s headed home to New Orleans to fence a priceless stolen necklace when her car breaks down in the middle of the night.

French aristocrat Victor Durand has easily tracked the necklace through its vast mystical powers and intends to retrieve it so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. When he when catches up with Marie on the deserted highway, he finds himself offering her a ride instead of using his telepathy to take the necklace.

Marie intrigues him which seriously complicates his mission. And when she secretly tries on the necklace, its sensual magic is released and the sizzling result shocks them both.

Soon they learn that vicious killers are on Marie’s trail. Victor will do anything to protect her, even seek help from a formidable voodoo priestess who hates the Durands. But a powerful entity lurks in the shadows, obsessed with the necklace’s power. Unless Marie and Victor combine their abilities, the result will be disaster.