Marie Robichaud is a card shark with psychic abilities and terrible taste in men. At least her last breakup yielded something of value—a priceless necklace she’ll fence in New Orleans to fund a new life on the right side of the law.

Victor Durand started tracking the stolen talisman fourteen hundred miles ago, intent on retrieving it before its power falls into the wrong hands. When Marie’s car breaks down near the Louisiana state line, he’s surprised to discover a feisty, tattooed telepath instead of the sophisticated jewel thief he expected.

Intrigued by her talent and determined to learn more, Victor offers Marie a ride and hires her to guide him around the French Quarter. But when she dons the necklace, its sensual magic consumes them both, complicating everything.

Others want the necklace too. Soon Victor learns vicious killers are on Marie’s trail, while a mysterious woman obsessed with its power lurks in the shadows. And when the danger hits home, Victor will do anything to protect Marie—even if it means entering the world of voodoo she left behind.

This is a brand new, never before published novel. It contains a complete romantic suspense story within the continuing Durand family saga.

Research Trip - BVI Adventure