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Previously released as IRRESISTIBLY YOURS.

The Durand Chronicles - Book 2


He’s a rich, powerful Parisian.

She’s small-town U.S.A. with something to hide.

And when he touches her, their lives change forever.

Adrien Durand is one of the most powerful psychics in the world. Respected. Desired. Dangerous.

When his father’s mysterious death forces him to assume control of the Durands’ international business empire, he becomes the target of a plot to seize the source of the family’s psychic abilities.  

Tate Fulbright learned young to hide her telepathy. Until a run-in with an enigmatic stranger forms a scorching psychic bond, cracking her facade of normality wide open. Their undeniable chemistry draws Tate into Adrien’s glamorous, high-risk world of family secrets, covert organizations, and old enemies hell-bent on revenge.

But Adrien’s prized self-control is slipping. And his enemies are closing in with deadly intent. If he can’t maintain control over his bond with Tate and to the power he’s protecting, he could lose both the woman he loves and the city he was born to defend.

 And time is quickly running out.

"Sexy, romantic, suspenseful - a fast-paced, tightly written story that was so original I couldn't put it down." -- Amazon reviewer

The drama is exciting, the romance masterful, the sex is sizzling, and the end of the book is very satisfying.” --USA Today