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Book 5

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Freeing her costs him everything. Now assassins are out to kill him, but he can’t let her go. No matter how wrong that is.

After searching for her for nine months, Mark Durand finally rescues Lily from a vicious trafficking ring. But her freedom comes at a devastating price—a $15 million bounty on his head and the loss of his psychic powers. Sending her home is the right thing to do. So why can’t he do it?

After the horror of being trafficked, Lily has changed and can’t bear to go back to her old life. Besides, she trusts no one but Mark—her savior and the man she’s always longed for.

Together they embark on a harrowing quest to restore his powers and heal her trauma—a journey that leads them to a dangerous place they never dreamed they’d have to go and ignites a sizzling attraction neither can resist. And all the while, Mark’s greatest enemy waits in the shadows, plotting to destroy Mark and take Lily as his trophy.

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