Previously released as DANGEROUSLY YOURS.

Two egotistical psychics.

A soulless killer.

Zero room for error.


Animal telepath Lex Durand just saw the impossible: one of her beloved whales vanish from the sea. As head of the Marine Mammal Research Foundation she’s determined to find out what happened and for that she needs Bodie Flynn, an elusive genius-in-hiding.  Never mind his blatant refusal to cooperate, Lex won’t let anything stand in her way—even when it turns out the sexy NBA washout has his own psychic abilities.

Bodie’s research has hit a wall. The bizarre energy shifts he’s studying in the Caribbean point to something big, he just can’t figure out what. But it isn’t until a firecracker named Lex shows up, demanding his help, that he realizes her data could be the final piece he needs. And he isn’t above using the beautiful heiress to get it.

As their fiery egos give way to smoldering attraction, the dangerous threat behind the changing oceans hits home, forcing each to realize that facing their feelings may be the hardest battle yet.


"Lark Brennan writes with depth! Fast-paced, sexy and smart, this book will leave you breathless!"  ― Sophie Jordan, New York Times bestselling author


“A supernatural world that’s smart, sexy, and sophisticated!” ― New York Times bestselling author Kerrelyn Sparks


Previously released as IRRESISTIBLY YOURS

The Durand Chronicles - Book 2


He's one of the most powerful men in the world—rich, psychic, dangerous. Now his life is threatened by two beautiful women—one he can’t resist, the other obsessed with destroying him.

Parisian Adrien Durand lives a double life as head of an international business empire and telepathic guardian of the source of the Durand family’s psychic abilities. When a beautiful American empath wanders into his establishment, he’s suspicious of her motives—especially when a single touch ignites his supernatural senses.

Tate Fulbright learned young to protect herself by hiding her special abilities. Until a run-in with an enigmatic stranger forms a scorching psychic bond, exposing her deepest secrets. Soon their undeniable connection draws Tate into Adrien’s glamorous, high-risk world of family duties, covert organizations, and a dangerous woman who is hell-bent on seizing everything the Durands have protected for four centuries.

But Adrien’s self-control starts slipping as a new enemy closes in. If he can’t maintain control over his bond with Tate and to the power he’s protecting, he could lose both the woman he loves and the city he was born to defend.

And time is quickly running out.

"Sexy, romantic, suspenseful - a fast-paced, tightly written story that was so original I couldn't put it down." -- Amazon reviewer

The drama is exciting, the romance masterful, the sex is sizzling, and the end of the book is very satisfying.” --USA Today

(Previously released as RECKLESSLY YOURS)

The Durand Chronicles - Book 3


They might have a second chance…

if they make it out alive.


Archeologist Tanner Hays’ level-headed intellect and psychic ability make him the best Protector to investigate the mysterious artifact discovered on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana.


Unfortunately, Chantal Durand—the sexy wild child with talents of her own—has been ordered on the same mission. And she’s just as reckless, beautiful, and angry with him as he remembers.


Chantal would rather be anywhere than in the freezing wilderness with Tanner. Seven years isn’t long enough to forget the way his lips taste, or how much he hates her. But there’s no denying the effectiveness of their combined abilities or that accepting this assignment is the price she’s paying for being bailed out of trouble once again.


Unlocking the mysteries of the artifact leads to a dangerous treasure hunt with a telepathic killer hot on their heels. Forced to trust each other, old wounds open and they face the attraction that never quite died. Soon their mission turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse that tests the limits of their survival training—and their hearts.


Absolutely addictive! This sexy, emotionally-charged tale shimmers with magic, mystery, and off-the-charts chemistry!” 

—USA Today bestselling author Carolyn Crane


The Durand Chronicles

The Durand Family is rich, powerful, famous and psychic. Their extraordinary abilities are genetic, enhanced by training and the Source energy in Paris which the head of the family, Adrien Durand, both controls and guards.


Each of the Durand cousins has his or her own special talents which they use in the ancient war against a soulless enemy obsessed with creating worldwide terror and violence. And along the way they meet their perfect mates.