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Sentier: Someone who controls one of the Sources. (currently Adrien Durand-- Durand Source in Paris; Irina Demidova--Shalamov Source in Siberia; Tolian--Hi’aiti’ihi’ Source in Brazil)

First Order:  The Durand Sentier (currently Adrien Durand) and his/her first cousins

Protectors:  Agents with Durand blood engaged in the covert war against the Brazilian Sentier (currently Tolian) and his Dissemblers

Dissemblers: Followers of Tolian whose mission is to create chaos and gain power in the ordinaire world through criminal activities, terrorism, and mind control. They are the enemies of the Durand and wield dark majik

Ordinaires: Humans with no psychic abilities; generally unaware of the covert war between entities with paranormal abilities

Durand Technology (DT): A high tech company founded by Mark Durand which operates both in the ordinaire world with ordinaire technology and in the Durand world using properties of the supernatural world such as delphic energy.

ComDev: Durand Tech Communications Device; operates on technology that utilizes delphic energy rather than conventional mobile networks

Sources: seven places where concentration of delphic energy promotes psychic and paranormal abilities in humans

Delphic energy: a neutral energy that is the basis for all supernatural activities including psychic and paranormal abilities, magic/majik, connection between parallel realities/universes.

Orphic energy: energy related to delphic and the supernatural but with properties that range from pure good to completely evil.

Revenant: Someone who has been brought back from death by someone with powerful psychic abilities; identifiable by silver eyes

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